Solutions we provide

Multi Room Audio and Visual

Play Music and access to your favorite movie collection at any location of your house be it kitchen, hallway or even your garden.
Each Location of your home can play its own source or audio or visual, with a well-designed multi-room audio and visual system your data is stored at single place and that’s how it makes it possible to access your audio and visual data anywhere in your home.

  • Total Flexibility
  • Properly Planned and Installed
  • Well Space Utilization

Smart Home

Turn your Home a Smart Home, it includes automation of lighting, security, drapes, heating and cooling systems, household appliances and audio visual components and systems.

Cinema Rooms

Our team can help transform your room into a perfect environment for watching films, playing games and watching TV. What’s more enjoyable than watching movie at your very own home with theatrical atmosphere?

Climate Control

With climate control installations your smart home turns smarter by automatically adjusting to the climatic conditions, adjust temperature as per your needs just in one click. Keep the temperature ready even before you arrive your home.

Motorized Blinds & Curtains

Operate your Curtains using a wall switch or a remote control, go a step further with an energy-efficient automatic blinds and curtains. Any type of blind that can be operated manually can also be motorized. Motorization is especially good for difficult to reach blinds. Motorized blinds can be wired into the home electricity system or they can operate using long lasting batteries.

Aerials and Satellites

We use top quality TV aerials, satellite dishes, mounts and signal distribution splitters and amplifiers, digital UHF aerials, satellite dishes, installation accessories; installation mounts which perform better and last longer. Our experienced teams of experts apply excellent techniques for installation.

Networks and Data

Enjoy seamless operation with your home network; we install your network with business class standards

Lighting Control

Improve your visual comfort with automated lighting control; adjust the lighting in accordance with your mood and situational atmosphere just by one touch on your remote control.
Lighting Control systems are energy efficient, increases safety and productivity.


Peaceful time with an elegant way of staying secure with automated security control systems. We are the right partner to maintain your Security Systems whether it is installed at home or office. Our reliable and high quality products include – CCTV Surveillance System, Access Control System, Fire Alarm System, Multi-Apartment Video Door Phones, Alarm System, Fingerprint Locks, Video Door Phones and Telecom Tower Security.

New Build Pre Wire

With the ever-changing demands of the technology ensure that your new home cabling infrastructure won’t become obsolete. We keep up our pace with the latest trends and ensure your home is connected to today technological trend. Distribute telephone, computers, music, DVD, Television (Free to Air/Satellite/Cable), lighting, intercom and security cameras throughout the home.


We provide economical solutions to your business needs, security systems, lightning control, electrical equipment installations ..anything and everything we have an excellent service to your business.

Electrical Contractor

We are committed to delivering superior performance & quality results. Our Expert team performs specialized construction work related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.
Whether high-voltage power transmission or low-voltage lighting, we ensure these systems work in a safe, effective, and environmentally-sound manner.


What if you could save energy and money at the cost of your comfort? Yes, with the smart growing trends and technology it is possible to improve efficiency and save energy with very less cost also setting your atmosphere at your comfortable needs.
Automated lighting control systems that detect object presence and turn on themselves, setting temperature of your home, automatic blinds and curtains are few examples on how you can make your home a smart home while you are saving energy.