Network Health Check

Present scenario in the ever growing industries, change is one such thing that grows as the company or industry grows. More the changes more are the issues.  Changes may include network configuration, components or simply software updates.

In order to maintain the productive business flow while the changes are ongoing, regular and proactive network monitoring should be done before any issue turns out to be a serious and costly affair.

Our highly skilled proactive network professionals can perform a quick network health check – anytime, on demand. We make sure that your critical infrastructure stays on track and less error prone. We do also review t he current network status and recommend enhancements that are perceived as mandatory, highly desirable, or desirable.

Continuously monitor the health of your network with minimum cost and effort.  Our Network Health Check will involve the following service characteristics:

  • Review the network topology
  • Review VLAN implementation
  • Review of software versions
  • Review network access security
  • Record link utilization on critical/backbone links
  • Identify any errors seen on critical/backbone links
  • Record levels of broadcast traffic – VLAN configurations
  • Record levels of multicast traffic
  • Record routing protocols utilized and stability